Giving hotels a new way to enhance the guest experience.
By capturing travelers’ item-level spend insights and using them to deliver personalized rewards and experiences via their banking apps, Banyan helps drive growth and loyalty for your brand — giving leisure and business travelers a reason to pick your property over another.
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Convenience for business travelers
Expense management can be a cumbersome for business travelers and their organizations. As a part of the Banyan network, it’s possible to seamlessly sync guest spend with their expense management system — meaning they won’t be calling your front desk requesting receipts (and neither will their finance teams).
Increased on-property spend
The customer journey should begin before check-in. With Banyan, you can provide guests with offers for your restaurant, spa, or gift shop the minute they use their credit card to book a room — increasing the chance that they’ll spend more on-property once they arrive.
Offers and loyalty programs that drive retention
Personalization drives conversion. With Banyan, you can analyze travelers’ spending behaviors to provide them with personalized offers — delivered straight to their banking app — once they’ve checked out. The result: more repeat bookings.