Walgreens & Banyan Announce New Partnership
We’re excited to welcome our new partner, Walgreens! 
Operating more than 8,700 retail locations across America, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Walgreens is a neighborhood health destination serving approximately 9 million customers each day. 
The addition of Banyan item-level data capabilities will further help Walgreens to deliver a true omnichannel experience, with platforms bringing together physical and digital, supported by the latest technology to deliver high-quality products and services nationwide.
“This is an exciting collaboration between Walgreens and Banyan”, said Alpesh Chokshi, President of Banyan. “Walgreens is the go-to destination for the daily needs of millions of shoppers, and Banyan’s item-level data platform capabilities will help the Walgreens team deliver better health and wellbeing for their customers, patients and communities.”
Learn more about Walgreens >>> https://www.walgreens.com/