Supercharging retailers’ ability to engage customers.
By giving you a new way to provide your customers with personalized, relevant, and cost-saving offers and experiences, Banyan helps grow revenue and drive repeat purchases.
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Get valuable insights into customer spending behavior
Banyan streamlines the process with full merchant access to financial services and automatic electronic receipts.
Deliver personalized offers at the item, brand, and category level
Without item-level data, it’s hard to provide shoppers with anything more than store-wide offers. With Banyan, you can deliver personalized rewards to shoppers’ banking apps based on their behavior — driving growth and moving your inventory more efficiently.
Give shoppers the ability to view their purchase history in detail when and where they want it
In this data-driven world, shoppers expect transparency and easy access to data about their spending behavior. With Banyan, your receipts become item-level insights into their shopping history — leading to increased preference for your brand.
Offer convenient and frictionless expense management
Expense management is often time-consuming for business travelers. With Banyan, you can seamlessly sync business spender purchase receipts with their expense management system — meaning less time spent hunting down receipts.