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Democratizing access to item-level receipt data
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Accelerated Path to Purchase.
Automated Expense Management.
Seamless Savings & Rewards.
Stronger Customer Engagement.

Banks, fintechs, hotels and merchants are striving to win the minds and hearts of their customers by creating valuable experiences for them. Retailer, hotel, bank and fintech collaborations are set to disrupt the status quo and deliver the richer, seamless and relevant commerce and banking experiences consumers expect today.

What is the secret? Richer Data

Banyan is here to give you everything you need to leverage the full value of item-level receipt data, safely, simply and securely.

Benefits for Financial Services:
Enable faster, clearer, and easier expense management for cardholders and finance teams
Provide customers with more personalized shopping offers and compelling rewards
Improve fraud protection, transaction dispute prevention, and chargeback resolution  
Benefits for Merchants:
Drive increased revenue by enabling more seamless expense management for business customers when they purchase from you 
Increase loyalty by delivering compelling card-linked shopping offers at the product item, brand, and category level 
Reduce time spent dealing with friendly-fraud chargeback disputes and customer receipt requests by syncing data with shoppers’ banking and expense management apps 
Benefits for Hotels:
Increase revenue with an improved expense management solution that boosts brand preference among businesses and their employees
Drive repeat stays and spending with personalized card-linked shopping offers for hotel and on-site amenities  
Reduce costly fraud disputes and charge offs by giving business travelers an easier way to view their folio details in their banking and expense management apps 
What does Banyan do? Simple
We work with merchants, hotels, banks and fintechs, seeking to benefit them all in the safest way possible. Data privacy is core to Banyan’s mission, and the company prides itself on its privacy-by-design and consent-based approach.
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Banyan normalizes item-level data from hotels and every day spend merchant verticals including grocery, gas, drug and big box for our banks and fintech partners. Item-level data are put into Banyan’s schema to deliver the experiences consumers want.
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Banyan enables fintechs and financial institutions to enrich applications and platforms with item-level detail. We enable you to deliver incredible experiences for your customers.
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Banyan enables hotels and merchants to increase customer engagement, create new monetization channels, unlock powerful insights and grow marketing opportunities. Banyan provides our merchant partners with total transparency and control, while our privacy-by-design architecture requires consumer consent before any receipts are shared.
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In short

Banyan believes that consumer data, including their receipts, should be accessible, portable and secure. With this information, we are building the infrastructure to link merchants, hotels, banks and fintechs so consumers can seamlessly access and connect their receipts to any app or service they choose.

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