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By syncing shopper and traveler spend with bank apps and expense management platforms, Banyan makes it possible to deliver enhanced card-linked offers, and helps its network participants leverage the full value of item-level receipt data.
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Leveraging the power of item-level data
Banyan’s solutions drive customer loyalty and engagement at the intersection of banking and commerce.
Helping banks drive preference and loyalty.
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Helping FinTechs innovate and capture market share.
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Supercharging retailers’ ability to engage customers.
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Giving hotels a new way to enhance the guest experience.
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Privacy and security by design
We process a lot of important data. But our commitment to privacy and security means that we never share, unless mutually agreed upon, or sell information, and that the consent of our network partners and their customers is always our top priority.
Understand, engage, and retain your customers with Banyan.