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Banyan enables merchants and hotels to leverage the full value of item-level receipt data — simply and securely. The result? Customers remain engaged, travelers remain loyal, and their information remains secure.

Supercharging merchants’ ability to engage customers.
Better understand customer spending behavior

Growth is dependent on understanding your customers. With Banyan, you’ll receive highly detailed SKU-level information about their purchases so that you can maximize lifetime value, localized and targeted activation, and new growth opportunities.

Deliver personalized offers at the item, brand, and category level

Without access to SKU-level data, it’s hard to provide shoppers with anything more than merchant-level offers. With Banyan, you can drive loyalty, engagement, and revenue growth by offering customers personalized in-app rewards based on past purchases.

Give shoppers the ability to view their purchase history in detail

In this data-driven world, shoppers expect transparency and easy access to data about their activity. With Banyan, you can send purchase-level data back to your customers’ banking apps, giving them insight into their purchase history.

Giving hotels a new way to reward and retain.
Easier expense management

Expense management can be a drag for business travelers and their finance departments. As a part of the Banyan network, you can seamlessly sync an employee’s spend with their expense management system — no need for them to upload receipts. The result: organizations and travelers are more likely to pick your hotel when providing travelers with a list of approved places to stay.

Understanding guest spending behavior

You’re likely already capturing data about guests through surveys and reviews. With Banyan, you can take this a step further — accessing detailed information about guest spending behavior during each stay.

Offers and loyalty programs that drive retention

Personalization drives conversion. With Banyan, you can analyze travelers’ spending behaviors to provide them with personalized offers on higher-margin rooms and services that they’re likely to value.

Secure by Design
Merchant controls which partners receive data.
Data privacy is core to Banyan’s mission, and the company prides itself on its privacy-by-design and consent-based approach.
Retailer data can never be shared with another retailer. Retailer data can never be resold by Banyan’s partners.

Understand, engage, and retain your customers with Banyan.