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Consumers have a growing desire to connect what they spent with what they bought, and to understand how that contributes to their overall financial health. Merchants have a much bigger role to play and more opportunities to realize.

Gain control on how your data is being used

Banyan provides strict limitations on how retailer data can be used. You have complete transparency to where your item-level receipt data is being shared.

Discover powerful new capabilities:
Enhanced consumer experience and grow engagement

Drive top of mind consideration by making consumer data available wherever they want, helping your shoppers connect what they bought with what they spent. This creates opportunities for shopper engagement between purchases.

Enriched insights, including expanded consumer spending behavior

Develop a more comprehensive view of consumer spending behavior to drive lifetime value, localized activation and new growth opportunities.

Improved Personalized Offers and Audience Expansion

Enhance your offer effectiveness through new channels and tap into new company spending power. We give retailers opportunities to create offers, rewards and loyalty programs at the item, brand and category/aisle level - inside the shopper's financial applications.

Secure by Design
Merchant controls which partners receive data.
Banyan’s privacy-by-design infrastructure means we never receive customer identity data: no names, no addresses, no payment credentials.
Retailer data can never be shared with another retailer. Retailer data can never be resold by Banyan’s partners.

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