Helping FinTechs innovate and capture market share.
By giving FinTechs new ways to meet the needs of your customers with relevant offers and seamless experiences, Banyan helps to increase cardholder acquisition and drive brand loyalty and preference
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Acquire and retain cardholders
Your customers expect innovation. Differentiate yourself from both legacy banks and other FinTechs by providing enhanced card-level shopping offers, and provide a seamless experience for corporate cardholders through the seamless syncing of business travel spend with expense management platforms.
Offer more personalized in-app experiences
Gone are the days of lookalike loyalty programs. With Banyan, you can deliver in-app offers, and enhanced rewards — encouraging both big-ticket and everyday spend, and driving increased digital engagement.
Provide customers with unparalleled insights
With just a few clicks, your customers can dig into their purchase history to view item-level receipt data in your app. Simply scrolling through a statement replaces the tedious process of sorting through receipts.