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Banyan's item-level receipt data solutions provide greater operational leverage to your business while securely protecting consumer and merchant data privacy.

Increase customer top of wallet spend

Create more attractive item and category-level card-linked offers and loyalty programs that increase customer spending.

Streamline operational costs

Reduce the volume and complexity of handling friendly-fraud chargebacks through better item-level spending clarity.

Drive deeper digital engagement

Create a more enriched data view for your customers to manage their personal financial health, and help you drive more personalized, relevant product and service recommendations.

Drive growth through enhanced experiences

Differentiate your digital servicing and spending value propositions from other point-of-sale payment options to acquire and retain new customers.

Enrich consumer data, safely and securely

Banyan’s privacy-by-design infrastructure means we provide enriched data while never receiving information that identifies customers (no names, no addresses, no payment credentials).

Getting started is simple
Secure batch or API data integration to support your existing web and mobile App digital experiences.
Get up and running in as little as 4 weeks.
Dedicated technical support from our team.

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