Helping banks drive preference and loyalty.
By providing access to cardholders’ item-level receipt data, Banyan helps issuing banks set themselves apart from the rest — driving growth and retention among consumer and corporate cardholders.
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Acquire and retain cardholders
Differentiate yourself from both legacy banks and emerging FinTechs by providing better expense management solutions for your corporate card customers, and enhanced card-level shopping offers that drive preference for your brand.
Offer more personalized in-app rewards
Gone are the days of lookalike loyalty programs. With Banyan, you can deliver in-app rewards based on your customers’ past purchases at specific retailers — encouraging both big-ticket and everyday spend, and driving increased customer engagement.
Provide customers with unparalleled insights
With just a few clicks, your customers can dig into their purchase history to view item-level receipt data. Simply scrolling through a statement replaces the tedious process of sorting through receipts.